Bodegas Bagordi

The Carcar family began to make wine in 1723. Fourteen generations later the family continue to care for the land while guided by the same values established by our ancestors.

In 1840, the King of Spain, Fernando VIII, appointed Manuel Baltasar Carcar to be a royal notary. Meanwhile, the family continued to work and develop the vineyards.

Thevineyard lies by the banks of the Ega and Ebro rivers, between the towns of Andosilla and San Adri?n. 58 hectares all fall within the Rioja D.O.C. wine region.

The climate is best described as continental Mediterranean ? dry summers followed by cold winters ? ideal conditions for growing organic grapes without the need for chemical compounds. The varied texture of the ground comprising sand, silt, fine gravel, etc. favours its natural drainage while the cold wind from north maintains the vines in a healthy state.

Bodegas Bogordi are totally committed to sustainable outcomes. The natural rhythm of the plants are taken into account and the full ecosystem is encouraged to avoid using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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