The vines of Ch?teau Grinou are centred around the small village of Monestier where vines have been planted since the Middle Ages (1053).

Catherine and Guy Cuisset founded Chateau Grinou in 1978 on the grounds of a former monastery dating from the 12th century, located on the hills of the southwest of the Dordogne between the three AOCs, Bordeaux, Bergerac and Duras. The vineyard sits on the ?Haut Pays? where many years ago gabarres (flat-bottomed boats) sailed up the Dordogne to transport barrels of wine for export to the Netherlands and the England via Bordeaux.

The success of the wines of Ch?teau Grinou rests on the formidable alliance of the climate, the soils, the grape varieties and the know-how of the winemaker. Over the years, all these conditions have made it possible to produce exceptional wines.

With efforts from Gabriel and Julien, the new generation at Grinou, the whole estate turned to organic production back in 2009.

This year has seen the launch of a new set of labels at Ch?teau Grinou, using the name ??Les Petites Perdrix? (The little partridges). The inspiration being the increasingly abundant numbers of these birds seen sheltering in the vineyards at Grinou. A good sign for sure.